Posted by: George | July 3, 2010



View from Trail

July 3, 2010 (afternoon)

After a morning of tours, with a ranger and about 30 other people, I decided to walk the Petroglyph Point Trail (2.4 miles). The first half of the trail was difficult. It is cut into the side of a cliff, full of climbs and drops.

At the halfway point, about 40 petroglyphs are carved into the side of the mountain. Human hands. Lizards. Birds. Spirals that wind in one direction and then unwind in another. The carver seems to say, “This is who I am, this is my environment, and we are all one.”

I spend about two hours on the trail and didn’t see another soul.



  1. george,the photos are beautiful—please don’t tell me it was your phone camera ! after I have spent so much on photo stuff.


  2. I am sending Susan your web site , she will enjoy reading it.


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