Posted by: George | July 10, 2010

Waterfalls in Yellowstone

July 8, 2010 (afternoon)

No one knows how many stars are in the sky. No one knows how many waterfalls are in Yellowstone.

There are three guys who look at satellite maps of Yellowstone, find places where there should be a waterfall, then hike in and find it. Then, they tell a ranger and the ranger adds it to the official map. They are still finding waterfalls. (Sorry, I can’t remember the names of the three guys.)

Firehole Falls



  1. I own this book … at least, I assume you are speaking of Paul Rubenstein, Lee Whittlesey, and Mike Stevens, the three of whom wrote The Guide to Yellowstone Waterfalls and Their Discovery.

    If you are considering Oregon as you leave Washington, here is a useful link to the maps and hike descriptions for the Columbia River Gorge region:

    Enjoy your journey!


    • Thanks for the information. I haven’t read the waterfall book. I saw a show about it.


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