Posted by: George | July 11, 2010


July 10, 2010 (about noon)

When I was driving through Wyoming, I mentioined that I felt like I was moving from one region of the country to another, minute to minute. That’s not what Montana is like. It has a signature look. The Big Sky, snow-capped mountains,  rolling grasslands are all part of it, but the real look of Montana is a grassy hill with scattered everygreens (small ones), with rock breaking the pattern.

I don’t much care for horses. I have allergies, and the moment I walk into a barn, my nose closes in on itself. But, when I see a Montana hillside, I wanna be a cowboy, riding across the hillside, pulling a pack horse behind, going somewhere, maybe nowhere in particular.

The look of Montana



  1. Thanks for the observation!


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