Posted by: George | July 12, 2010

A Beserker on a Ferry Ride

July 12, 2010 (morning)

Yesterday, on my way to Bremerton for Family Reunion #2, I drove into Seattle. It was a little stressful driving through an unfamiliar city, especially because I hit town when a Mariners game was about to begin and people where embarking a huge cruise ship, probably on its way to Alaska.

I wanted to come through Seattle so I could ride the ferry. I love ferries. It is probably in my Nordic/Beserker blood. I vistied the “Old Country” (as my Uncle Rusty called Denmark) in 1984. I spent much of my time there riding my bike around the country. I often took a ferry to one end of an island, rode across the island, then picked up another ferry at the other end.

Out here a lot of people commute to Seattle on the ferry. What a way to go to work.

Last night, I had a great dinner with Vicki (my first-counsin), John (her husband), Shannon (their daughter), Cindy (my first-counsin), and Dick (her husband).

I am going to spend the rest of the day in Bremerton, then head out in on Tuesday morning, south toward the Redwoods.

Today would have been Donna’s 48th birthday.

Taking the ferry from Seattle to Bremeton


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