Posted by: George | July 16, 2010

No Gel

Control with No Gel


I’ve discovered if you don’t shower or wash your hair for three days, you have amazing control without using gel.



  1. Clearly a Berserker hair day. Might be a good time to put on the helmet OR just blend in with the wildlife. Just started reading today. Enjoying traveling with you through your posts. Keep adventuring!


    • When you have a bad hair day like this, there is always the hat option. That has been my solution. At the same time, one of the revelations about a trip like this is that no one else really cares how you look. When you get to the point where you don’t care either, all is well.


  2. George ,I feel as if i am traveling with you!! Hope you are going to write a book about your travels–I will have it all on your blogs.


    • We’ll see. I need to finish it first.


  3. Geo Dad: Are you copying my hairstyle? I hope you are having a wonderful adventure finding America, someone needs to; I could think of no better man than you. Be safe, watch out for those Asian Lady Bugs, \w/ rock on.


    • Maybe I was subconsciously trying to look cool like Holland. Hope all is well is London.


    • I haven’t seen any Asian Lady Bugs, or a bear for that matter. I’m more than a little disappointed.


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