Posted by: George | July 16, 2010

Santa Rosa

I camped last night at Sugar Loaf Mountain State Park. No bears or mountain lions there. However, this morning, three wild turkeys walked through my campsite like they owned the place. Well, I guess they do. Off and on, all night, I heard a fox screaming.
When I left this morning, the lady at the check in place asked me if I had “a little fun.” I told her I had a great time. We talked for a while about wild turkeys.
This morning, I am having breakfast in Santa Rosa, then I will probably head for Salinas to tour the Steinbeck Center. Santa Rosa is a beautiful town. Upscale with good restaurants, but not so upper-crust as Jackson Hole.
Somehow, I never got around to touring a winery. I didn’t even have a glass of wine with dinner last night.



  1. The Steinbeck Center is a must. The bookstore there is a good one. The drive through Salinas Valley means you’ll maybe make it to Watsonville and Gilroy. Garlic heaven and a reminder that fruits and vegetables are fresher here than just about anywhere else in the world. Enjoy some of those roadside stands.


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