Posted by: George | July 17, 2010


Steinbeck's Truck

July 16, 2010 (evening)

As I was approaching San Francisco, I saw a huge fog bank in the distance. I knew that must be the city. As I grew closer, I watched the fog creep over a hillside outside of Sausalito and burn off almost instantly as it hit the sun and warm air.

The micro-climates of the west coast apparently even affect real estate prices in San Francisco. Some areas rarely have sunshine, so apartments are cheaper there.

After I crossed the Golden Gate bridge, I tried to head south on Hwy 101 to connect with Hwy 280; instead, I took a detour through Oakland. Eventually, I found my way to the San Jose area and had lunch with Lisa, an old friend.

I mentioned to Lisa that I was amazed by the dry climate. She mentioned that when seasonal rains come in the spring, everything is green.

The hills in much of California, at this point of the summer, are covered by light brown grass, about the shade of hay. At a distance, it looks like crushed velvet.

After lunch with Lisa, I headed to Salinas to walk through the John Steinbeck Center. They have Racinante there—the very truck/camper that Steinbeck drove on his trip. By the time I hit Salinas, I was pretty tried. I don’t look too happy in the photo, but I am still having a great time.

I was struck by the size of Steinbeck’s truck, very small by today’s standards.

From Salinas, I drove east through the hills and farm land to Fresno, where it is pretty hot.

As I was driving today, I notice that I was having trouble pushing through. I think I am pretty tired. I decided to get a hotel room for the night, rest up, and take a shower.

Tomorrow, I will head to a campground just outside of Yosemite for three days. It will be good to be settled for a while. If you don’t hear from me, it’s because I am not able to find an Internet source.


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