Posted by: George | July 23, 2010

A Brief Summary

I am home for a while. I spent most of the day cleaning out my car and washing clothes.

I was on the road for 21 days or 7,477 miles. I made it to two family reunions, one in Sterling CO and one in Bremerton WA continued the next night in Allyn WA.

I visited 9 National Parks. I probably drove through in excess of 30 national forests. I think I crossed the Continental Divide about a dozen times.

I didn’t have any car trouble, although I think my battery is going dead. I will get that checked out tomorrow. No speeding tickets. (How about that Jeff?)

As I was driving back, I thougt about how Travels with Charley is, in the end, a book about race relations in America. While I am at home, I want to start writing about this.



  1. Glad you made it home safe, George.


  2. George,I am going to miss your blog—you could always write them from home. go plan your next trip and I will order ‘Travels with Charlie”, I have read it but don’t remember much.


    • I’ll do a little more traveling this fall, and I will be doing some posts while I am at home. Thanks for reading.


  3. Hi, George-
    Enjoyed all of your first-journey blog and look forward to its continuation with your next trip. We returned on Friday, so I am doing the laundry and cleaning rituals today, too. Our trip was very good with the exception of one harrowing medical emergency for John while on the course at the R&A at St. Andrews. The R&A field hospital and Scots physicians were superb, though, and they took care of him. Good to be home, isn’t it?


    • Suzann,
      Sorry to hear about John’s problems on vacation. Hope all is well now.


  4. I enjoyed reading your blog, George–look forward to more. Travels with Charley is a favorite of mine, so I had fun imagining you on the journey. Thanks for trying to connect when you came through Oregon.


    • Sorry I missed you. Hope all is well.


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